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CP01 – Welcome



  • Thursday, August 24th


  • Class approach
  • Expectations
  • Grades (Ugh)


  • Course vs Textbook Flow
  • Measureables
  • practice problems
  • chapter notes

How Does Class Work?

  • Blog
  • Schoology
  • Google Drive
  • In-class note taking
  • Assignments
  • Retakes / Resubmissions
  • LNB
  • Homework
  • Textbook Notes

Class Structure

  • 43 Class meetings
  • 37 = short, 6 = long

Homework (written on paper to be submitted)

  • what is the name of the 1st assignment?
  • how much is it worth?
  • when is it due?
  • what category is the assignment?
  • what are the categories of assignments in the course?
  • what do I need to do in order to retake a quiz or test?
  • what are the sections of a lab assignment?
  • what rules apply to writing in my lab notebook?
  • what documents are shared in the course GDrive?
  • what is G5HW?
  • where should I go if I am stuck on a textbook homework problem?
  • what are the suggested practice problems for Unit 1?
  • what did Quinton send in a Schoology message on Sunday?


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