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CP – Spring Final 2018

Date Wednesday, May 30th @ 1:00 pm Exam Logistics Total Semester = 545 pts Exam Value = 80 pts (15%) YES: Short Answer / Vocab questions (Q1 – Q5) YES: … Continue reading


CP5152 – Review

Dates Tuesday, May 22nd Thursday, May 24th Class Business Exam return Homework return Questions? Final Exam (Wednesday, May 30th @ 1:00 pm) Classes 51/52 for student review (not teacher-directed) Semester Exam … Continue reading


CP50 – Last Dance

Date Thursday, May 17th Test Details all equations provided all conversions provided all contsants provided U bring calculator U bring pencil U bring your glorious and amazing self! Test Questions … Continue reading


CP49 – Wrapping Up

Date Wednesday, May 16th Lab Recap two graphs – what do they mean? what kind of relationship is shown? turning in lab work New Idea – Gas Stoichiometry reactions… moles… … Continue reading


CP48 – Boyle

Date Monday, May 14th Lab Day Notes Vernier data collection Pressure – Volume data pairs Lab Calculations PV graph P vs 1/V graph What type of relationship is involved here? … Continue reading


CP47 – Initial & Final

Date Friday, May 11th Recap – Ideal Gas Law questions? challenges? Moving Along – What about gases changing conditions? Type 1 v Type 2 problem Initial v Final Conditions THE … Continue reading


CP46 – Gas Laws

Date Thursday, May 10th Class Business gas lab will be Monday (Class 48) Recap – Pressure converting pressure units questions? New Idea – Ideal Gas Law PV = nRT parts … Continue reading


CP45 – Gases

Date Tuesday, May 8th Class Business hand back tests – questions? hand back lab reports – questions? what is remaning in the class Recap from Class 44 what are the … Continue reading


CP44 – Gases

Date Thursday, May 3rd Class Business test grading LNB grading lab report grading New Idea – Gases! This is the final unit of the year FYI – we will cover … Continue reading


CP43 – Party On!

Date Wednesday, May 2nd Test Day! time to celebrate your success on this unit! questions are drawn from the worksheets in class all equations and constants provided Test Questions enthalpy … Continue reading


CP42 – Monday

Date Monday, April 30th Class Business – Challenge Survey Our school is taking part in a survey being conducted by researchers in the School of Education at Stanford University. The … Continue reading


CP41 – Reaction Energy

Date Friday, April 26th Calorimetry Lab turn in lab report comments? questions? turn in LNB New Idea – Reaction Energy every process has a change in energy energy is called … Continue reading


CP40 – Long Block Lab

Date Tuesday, April 24th Data Collection Review what is to be recorded? what to watch for? Lab Day Notes be sure and notice the identity of the metal hot plates … Continue reading


CP39 – Lab Prep

Date Monday, April 23rd Revisiting – Q = mcDT units? meaning? questions? Sample Problem Chapter 4 (24) set-up equations calculations Lab Day Prep Conduct a lab to determine identity of … Continue reading


CP38 – Coffee Cups

Date Thursday, April 19th Previous Class Recap Q = mcDT what does each term mean? what are the units for each part? New Idea – Calorimetry insulating system prevents heat … Continue reading


CP37 – Calorimetry

Date Wednesday, April 18th Homework Terms kinetic energy potential energy conservation of energy joule – calorie specific heat New Idea – Heat Capacity how much energy to raise temperature different … Continue reading


CP36 – Energy!

Date Monday, April 16th New Idea – Energy heat – temperature – thermal energy differences relationships examples Homework Textbook Ch. 4 – Sections 4 & 5 define key terms (p. … Continue reading


CP35 – Fun Videos!

  Date Friday, April 6th Class Business – Lab Reports multiple trials – formatting summarizing calculations general thoughts? comments? Reminders about Labs (that have always been true) Lab report grading … Continue reading