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CH3031 – Work Days



  • P4 – Friday, November 3rd, Tuesday, November 7th
  • P5 – Friday, November 3rd, Wednesday, November 8th
  • P7 – Monday, November 6th, Thursdat, November 9th

Work Day!

Practice, Practice, Practice

NH3 AsF5
H2O XeF4
CF4 BrF5
PBr3 SF6
SO2 BaF2
BeCl2 XeF2
CH3Cl SO4-2
C2H2 NO3-1
HOCl  NaCl

For Each Substance – ONE PER SIDE OF PAGE

  • total number of valence electrons
  • Lewis dot structure
  • formal charges (each element)
  • # central atom lone pairs / # central atom bonding pairs
  • # central atom bonding domains / # central atom lone pairs

Looking Ahead

  • we wil be adding more to these sheets moving ahead
  • you will need lots of room to add material and notes
  • if you wish to start building molecules then go ahead, be sure and take a picture of the molecule on your sheet with your name and all of the work completed.

Part 2 – VSEPR

  • use three charts [Class 29]
  • add this new info to each sheet
  • Fun Examples [LINK]
  • 1 – electron geometry
  • 2 – molecule shape
  • 3 – bond angles
  • NOTE: this work not required by the end of the long block


  • All work on this phase must be completed by the end of the long block period
  • This includes the pictures
  • Note: I will not collect this work so you can hold on to it

Homework (updated)

  • the newly added material (VSEPR shapes) will continue next class
  • this is not homework for Class 32


  • Note: upcoming test / quiz dates on Schoology


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