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CH – Spring Final 2018

POST UPDATED: Tuesday, May 29th @ 12:30 pm Date Wednesday, May 30th @ 1:00 pm Exam Review Session Tuesday, May 29th @ 2:30 pm Room 30 (Chemistry Classroom) NOTE: RSVP … Continue reading


CH5152 – Review

Dates Wednesday, May 23rd Thursday, May 24th Friday, May 25th Class Business Exam return? Homework return Questions? Final Exam (Wednesday, May 30th @ 1:00 pm) Classes 51/52 for student review (not … Continue reading


CH50 – The End

Dates P4 – Monday, May 21st P5 – Monday, May 21st P7 – Tuesday, May 22nd Test Details all equations provided all conversions provided all contsants provided U bring calculator … Continue reading


CH49 – Recapping

Dates P4 – Wednesday, May 16th P5 – Thursday, May 17th P7 – Thursday, May 17th Lab Recap – Calculations moles of gas (from Mg) volume of gas (L) pressure … Continue reading



Dates P4 – Tuesday, May 15th P5 – Tuesday, May 15th P7 – Wednesday, May 16th Lab Day Notes check air pressure [LINK] safety / disposal of acid (lots of … Continue reading


CH47 – Stoichiometry

Date Monday, May 14th Recap Homework Partial Pressures Changing Gases questions? comments? New Idea – Gases and Stoichiometry gases are a part of chemical reactions examples: combustion can include volumes … Continue reading


CH46 – Changing

Dates P4 – Thursday, May 10th P5 – Friday, May 11th P7 – Friday, May 11th Recap – Ideal Gas Law Homework? Questions? New Idea – Changing Gas Conditions What … Continue reading


CH45 – Ideal Gas Law

Dates P4 – Wednesday, May 9th P5 – Wednesday, May 9th P7 – Wednesday, May 9th Recap – Gases & Particles P, V, T, n –> PARTICLE VIEW Translating micro … Continue reading


CH44 – Gases

Dates P4 – Monday, May 7th P5 – Monday, May 7th P7 – Tuesday, May 8th Test 03 Hand back test Review test answers Review concepts Answer questions Lab Report … Continue reading


CH43 – No Big Deal

Dates P4 – Wednesday, May 2nd P5 – Thursday, May 3rd P7 – Thursday, May 3rd Test Day Notes You got this focus on HOW YOU SHOW YOUR WORK be … Continue reading


CH42 – Review

Dates P4 – Tuesday, May 1st P5 – Tuesday, May 1st P7 – Wednesday, May 2nd Review Day! thermo worksheets syllabus textbook problems! Test Information yes, I will provide you … Continue reading


CH41 – Monday

Date Monday, April 30th Class Business – Lab Report collect reports and LNB good job! Continuing Idea – Enthalpy review definition related to coeffficents of reaction New Idea – Heating … Continue reading


CH40 – “H” is for “Henthalpy”

Dates P4 – Wednesday, April 25th P5 – Thursday, April 26th P7 – Friday, April 27th Lab Recap what did you determine for “c” ? what identity did you determine … Continue reading


CH39 – Lab Day

Dates P4 – Monday, April 23rd P5 – Monday, April 23rd P7 – Tuesday, April 24th Lab Day Note hot plates wash beakers use tap water sig figs –> thermometers … Continue reading


CH38 – Lab Thinking

Dates P4 – Friday, April 20th P5 – Friday, April 20th P7 – Monday, April 23rd Revisiting Q = mcDT each term defined units? new – when does it apply? … Continue reading


CH37 – Heat Capacity

Dates P4 – Wednesday, April 18th P5 – Thursday, April 19th P7 – Thursday, Apri 19th Recap Last Lesson First Law of Thermo Negative means “directon” (NOT less than zero) … Continue reading


CH36 – Conservation

Date Tuesday, April 17th Review Homework system <–> surroudings path-dependent <–> state function exothermic <–> endothermic law of conservation of energy first law of thermodynamics work (when a gas expands = works) … Continue reading


CH35 – Thermo

Date P4 – Monday, April 16th P5 – Monday, April 16th P7 – Monday, April 16th New Idea – Energy warm-up activity types of energy phases <–> energy heat – … Continue reading