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CP42 – Monday



  • Monday, April 30th

Class Business – Challenge Survey

  • Our school is taking part in a survey being conducted by researchers in the School of Education at Stanford University. The goal of the survey is to better understand the student experience in school and at home. It will take you 30-45 minutes to complete. Although it’s long, we ask that you take the time to complete the entire survey. I will give you a warning with five minutes left in the period. If you have not finished, I will ask you to skip ahead to the final section on background information and complete the remainder of the survey. There are no right or wrong answers on the survey. The Stanford researchers are looking for your perceptions and ask that you be as honest as possible. Your honest responses will help the researchers better understand the student experience here. All of the data collected will be kept confidential. If you do wish to speak with someone about personal issues related to the content of this survey, our school counselor or psychologist is available for that purpose. If you do not want to answer a particular question, you may leave it blank, and you may also stop participating at any time if you choose. If you have any questions, please raise your hand and I will come over to help you.

  • Survey [LINK]

Class Business – Lab Reports

  • got lab reports?
  • got LNB?
  • got questions?

Recap – Reaction Energy

  • balanced reactions and energy
  • be sure and show units and process

Energy Unit Practice

  • class time for worksheets
  • work alone or in groups


  • Study for the test


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