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CP – Spring Final 2017

Date Tuesday, May 30th 1:00 pm Provided Information Periodic Table Solibility Rules Polyatomic Ion Chart Naming Tree Constants required for calculations Anything provided on prior tests this semester Will post … Continue reading


CPCH4950 – Review Time

Dates Tuesday, May 23rd Wednesday, May 24th Thursday, May 25th Friday, May 26th Review Time Bring your materials to class Textbook, notes, computer Quinton will answer questions you have Use … Continue reading


CP48 – Gas Recap

Date Friday, May 19th Class Business School survey Remaining class meetings Retake of test on Tuesday @ Lunch Lab Completion What were you supposed to determine? How do you prove … Continue reading


CP47 – Boyle’s Law Lab

Date Wednesday, May 17th Lab Day! Instructions posted in shared folder (Boyle’s Law) Utilizes Vernier software and equipment Students should make sure they are ready to use the program as … Continue reading


CP46 – Stoichiometry

Date Tuesday, May 16th Recap – Ideal Gas Law HW Questions Variations of IGL? New Idea – Stoichiometry & Gases Balanced Reactions Gaaseous phases in reactions Add IGL to any … Continue reading


CP45 – Ideal Gases

Date Monday, May 15th Class Recap Homework Review Examples Process? Units! New Idea – Moles & Gases Ideal Gas Law Equation and Units Example Homework See overview post


CP44 – Gas Laws

Date Thursday, May 11th Recap Homework questions – Units? What is pressure? How is it measured? Activity – Properties of Gases [LINK] Properties Simulation (Java) Controlled Experiment Reminder Factors: P, V, … Continue reading


CP43 – Pressure

Date Monday, May 8th Class Business Semester plan Other questions? New Idea – Gases Pressure Units KMT Homework See post with semester plan


CP – Final Days

Schedule for Remainder of Days (Text Sections) [HW Problems] Class 43 – (12.1) Pressure / KMT / Units [1, 3] Class 44* – (12.2 – 12.5) Gas Laws [9, 11, … Continue reading

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CP4142 – Heat Check

Dates Thursday, May 4th (Class 41) Friday, May 5th (Class 42) Lab Recap What are steps to determine the result? What identity did you determine for your metal? You may … Continue reading


CP40 – Digital Lab

Date Wednesday, May 3rd Lab Day Set up Vernier Collect lab data Be sure and record observations of metal Lab Calculations process data review lab calculations compare to knowns which one … Continue reading


CP39 – Thermochemistry

Date Friday, April 28th (Founder’s Day!) Revisiting homework review challenges? ideas? more practice (worksheet 3: 8, 12) New Idea – Enthalpy ΔH is change in energy of a process balanced … Continue reading


CP38 – Calorimetry

Date Wednesday, April 26th Homework Recap using equation units / SF questions? New Idea – Calorimetry isolate system from surroundings keep exchange inside (styrofoam cup) DE = 0 so therefore … Continue reading


CP37 – Calorimetry

Date Tuesday, April 25th Recap – Video Questions distill the questions share with the class most important part Recap – Heat Flow Factors parts of equation units specific heat capacity … Continue reading


CP36 – Heat Flow

Date Monday, April 24th Recap Ideas Heat / Temperature / Thermal Energy “Hot” vs “Cold” New Idea – Temperature Units Degrees Celsius vs. Kelvins increment vs. absolute New Idea – What … Continue reading


CP35 – Energy

Date Wednesday, April 19th Basics energy thermodynamics / thermochemistry The Big Three Heat / Thermal Energy / Temperature What is a thermometer? [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] Types of Energy & Formulas … Continue reading


CP34 – QFT

Dates Monday, April 17th Class Business Recap previous week Other questions New Idea – QFT question technique guideline for approach ownership of the next unit of study Homework Ch. 13.4 … Continue reading


CP33 – Spring Break

Date Friday, April 7th Recap – Virtual Lab patterns? ideas? challenges? New Fun! More Virtual Lab Try: Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents –> Oracle Problem Try: Quantitative Analysis –> Unknown Concentration … Continue reading