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CP32 – Acids and Bases

Date Tuesday, April 4th Class Business Collect LNB Questions? Lab formatting? Ideas? Trends? Homework Review Patterns Math Conenctions (logs and exponents) Virtual Lab Activity Starting Notes Gotta have Java installed … Continue reading


CP31 – pH

Date Friday, March 31st Lab Recap What results did you find? Correction on [OH–] New Idea = Water bracket notation autoionization of water product of ions is a constant Practice … Continue reading


CP30 – Titration

Date Thursday, March 30th Lab Day Titration of vinegar with NaOH safety fun! color change! calculations! Homework Calculations in LNB


CP29 -Connecting

Date Wednesday, March 29th Quiz connecting ideas solutions / ions / electrolytes / molarity Titration Lab Yeah! Let’s prepare for the titration lab LNB work Shared in GDrive [LINK] Homework … Continue reading


CP28 – Acids & Bases

Date Friday, March 24th Gatorbotics Follow live video! [LINK] Qualifying Match Information and Results [LINK] Standings [LINK] Go Riona! Homework Review Ch. 15 (6-14 even) Class Practice Ch. 15 (20, 24) Quiz … Continue reading


CP27 – Acids & Bases

Date Wednesday, March 22nd Homework review homework questions how do we represent reactions? Reviw – Nomenclature acid naming examples Recap – Definitions acid base conjugate pairs electrolyte Homework Ch. 15 … Continue reading


CP26 – Acids and Bases

Date Tuesday, March 21st Class Business – Test 02 trends on test retake will include yield (as originally posted) New Idea = Acids and Bases Bronsted-Lowry examples conjugate pairs examples … Continue reading


CP2425 – Party Time

Dates Wednesday, March 15th Friday, March 17th Class 24 – Homework Check Ch. 9 (10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 24, 26, 41, 46, 48) Ch. 14 (14, 16, 18, 20, … Continue reading


CP23 – Dilutions

Date Monday, March 13th Class Business Test on Friday (updated syllabus) Homework Review Types of Problems How to show work What is key concept? [HINT: MOLES] New Idea – Dilution … Continue reading


CP22 – Molarity

Date Friday, March 10th Quiz – Stoichiometry and Limiting Reactants calculate all of the stuffs complete the chart shown in class New Idea – Molarity quantitative solution calculations units and … Continue reading


CP21 – Solutions

Date Tuesday, March 7th Homework Recap Limiting Reactants Using “the table” Predicting products Determining excess New Material – Solutions Video 0 [LINK] Video 1 [LINK] Video 2 [LINK] Video 3 [LINK] … Continue reading


CP20 – Limiting

Date Friday, March 3rd Recap Homework How do I represent before and after? Questions? New Idea Introduce the “Table” I – D – F Only moles Full Practice Ch. 9 … Continue reading


CP19 – Limiting

Date Thursday, March 2nd Class Business Science course for next year Please see me if you have questions New Idea – Limiting Reactants Recipe for S’mores How do I determine … Continue reading


CP18 – No Class Meeting

Date Wednesday, March 1st No Class Meeting Career Day for sophomores Juniors will meet CQ near pool patio Homework Nope…


CP17 – Stoichiometry

Date Monday, February 27th Class Business Return tests from before break Answer key in shared folder Ideas to watch: sig figs / process Well done! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Revisiting Old Material using … Continue reading


CP16 – Vacation Time!

Date Friday, February 17th Test Day See Class 15 for test details Reminder: focus on process and showing support Know that you are prepared… Tests are celebrations of knowledge = … Continue reading


CP15 – Hydration

Date Tuesday, Febraury 14th Long Block – Part 1: Hydrate Lab is your LNB prepared? bunsen burner instruction what is data? what are calculations? location of materials disposal of materials … Continue reading


CP14 – Hydrate Mania!

Date Friday, February 10th Recap percent composition examples what is a hydrate? Lab Prep Lab equipment overview Lab Instructons [LINK] Homework Prep the lab in the LNB Review instructions for … Continue reading