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CP11- Reaction Balancing

Date Tuesday, September 19th Quiz naming quiz quick and easy! Recap – Balancing Strategies for balancing reactions? examples Balancing Practice Ch 8 P(3, 4) Write down equation (we will discuss … Continue reading


CP10 – Reactions

Date Monday, September 18th Recap Formulas to Names Names to Formulas Quiz on Tuesday covering all of this Lots of practice in Textbook Ch. 6 P(5 – 24) 10 Questions … Continue reading


CH18 – Reactions

Dates P1 – Wednesday, October 12th P3 – Tuesday, October 11th P4 – Tuesday, October 11th New Material – Chemical Reactions symbols terminology examples Balancing Reactions why? coefficients v subscripts … Continue reading


CP13 – Debrief

Date Wednesday, September 28th Recap Lab Reaction writing predicting reactions THEN balancing you will submit LNB at thebeginning of the exam Exam Objectives = Major Skills Developed and Assessed Predict the charge … Continue reading


CP11 – Types of Reactions

Date Wednesday, September 21st Recap – Balancing Reactions review homework examples with words! [LINK] Practice with Words (write the full balanced equation) Magnesium metal is placed into hydrobromic acid solution, … Continue reading


CP10 – Reactions

Date Tuesday, September 20th Class Business – Lab Safety safety contract assignment (Quiz & signature) complete by Monday Lab on Monday (yeah!) note about lab clothing 🙂 Lab Prep – … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 24

Dates Periods B, D: Friday, October 10th Period G: Thursday, October 16th Balancing Reactions Practice problems posted in Schoology What approach do you use? Stoichiometry Using balanced reactions to connect … Continue reading