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CP11 – Types of Reactions



  • Wednesday, September 21st

Recap – Balancing Reactions

  • review homework
  • examples with words! [LINK]

Practice with Words (write the full balanced equation)

  • Magnesium metal is placed into hydrobromic acid solution,
    forming hydrogen gas and aqueous magnesium bromide.
  • When heated, solid calcium chlorate decomposes into calcium
    chloride solid, releasing oxygen gas.
  • Lithium metal reacts with oxygen gas to form solid lithium
  • Solutions of barium bromate and sodium phosphate combine to
    form solid barium phosphate and aqueous sodium bromate.

New Material – Types of Reactions

  • Double Displacement
  • Single Displacement
  • generic form – examples
  • Predicting is NOT balancing
  • Predict FIRST and then Balance

Practice – Write Full and Balanced Reaction for Each

  • Na2SO4 + Pb(NO3)2 –>
  • MgBr + AgNO3 –>
  • Aqueous solutions of copper(II) sulfate and potassium hydroxide are mixed together
  • Aqueous solutions of aluminum chloride and lead(II) nitrate
    are mixed together


  • safety assignment (lw01)
  • prepare for the lab (lw02)
  • NOTE: purpose, background, procedure, data in LNB


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