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CH06 – First Quiz

Dates P4 – Tuesday, January 23rd P5 – Tuesday, January 23rd P7 – Wednesday, January 24th Quiz Significant Figures Unit Conversion 10 minutes (or so) Lab Processing what calculations needed … Continue reading


CP07 – Units! Units! Units!

Date Thursday, January 27th Lab Check-In what did you find? what challenges did you encouter when writing the report? Share your mass / volume data [LINK] Add all class data to … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 19 / 20

Dates (Class 19) Periods B, D: Wednesday, October 1st Period G: Thursday, October 2nd Dates (Class 20) Period B: Thursday, October 2nd Periods D, G: Friday, October 3rd Mole Practice … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 03

Dates Periods B, D: Friday, August 29th Period G: Tuesday, September 2nd Recap Measurement Activity how many digits does each device give? what factors determine? New Material – Math & … Continue reading