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CP07 – Units! Units! Units!


This is a calculator


  • Thursday, January 27th

Lab Check-In

  • what did you find?
  • what challenges did you encouter when writing the report?
  • Share your mass / volume data [LINK]
  • Add all class data to your LoggerPro and plot a graph
  • <save Logger Pro file>
  • What meaning can be dervied from this analysis?
  • Analysis section of the report
  • Connecting factors to outcome

New Idea – Units!

  • How do I convert between units?
  • How does this look for multi-step problems?
  • What about units that don’t make sense?
  • Worksheet 1 [LINK]


  • Finish Worksheet
  • Completely show the work
  • Every answer is one “line” of work

Homework 2

  • Rework calculation section of Lab Report in LNB
  • Follow example in class


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