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CP23 – Molarity

Date Thursday, March 8th Class Business Quiz handing back Questions? Recap – Dissociation dissociation equations practice Marching Ahead – Molarity Molarity Defined Calculations UNITS!! Practice, Practice, Practice Homework Textbook Ch. … Continue reading


CH21 – Solutions

Dates P4 – Friday, March 2nd P5 – Monday, March 5th P7 – Monday, March 5th NOTE: P4 & P5 will miss next LB Class Connecting dilutions – what is … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 26

Dates Period A: Thursday, March 3rd Period B: Thursday, March 3rd Period F: Friday, March 4th New Material – Acid-Base Reactions aqueous reactions same as other reactions except no produce … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 22

Dates Period A: Wednesday, February 24th Period B: Thursday, February 25th Period F: Thursday, February 25th Lab Recap Get together with lab group – collaborate What did you find? Why … Continue reading