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CH21 – Solutions


  • P4 – Friday, March 2nd
  • P5 – Monday, March 5th
  • P7 – Monday, March 5th
  • NOTE: P4 & P5 will miss next LB Class


  • dilutions – what is constant?
  • mixing – what is constant?
  • examples

Update – Saturday, March 3rd

  • I have decided to cancel the Virtual Lab project given the scheduling challenges arising from the Work Day on March 7th.
  • We will still have a test on Wednesday, March 14th
  • If the March 14th “walkout” lasts into P5 on that day then P5 will take the test on Thursday, March 15th in class


  • There is no homework assigned to complete for Class 23 (Friday, March 9th)

Virtual Lab Background

  • Video walk-through of how to Virtual Lab [LINK]
  • Web page Virtual Lab user guide [LINK]

Assignment Guidelines

  • Treat each problem as a lab (in your LNB)
  • Eliminate: Procedure, BGT, Analysis
  • Include: Purpose, Data, Calculations, Conclusion

Virtual Lab Homework Problems

  • Jello Problem
  • Oracle Problem
  • Oracle Problem 2
  • Unknown Concentration Problem
  • Gravimetric Analysis of Arsenic


  • Due dates posted soon
  • NOTE: I may need to shift schedule… stay tuned!



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