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Student Demonstrations

In January of 2017, my students planned and conducted a series of chemical demonstrations. I compiled a playlist of the videos made during the process. They are simply wonderful! I … Continue reading


CH07 – Moles

Dates P1 – Thursday, January 26th P3 – Wednesday, January 25th P5 – Friday, January 27th Demo Recap – Did we have any fun? Produce a video that is less than … Continue reading


CH06 – The Demo

Dates P1 – Tuesday, January 24th P3 – Friday, January 20th P5 – Wednesday, January 25th (before and after lunch) Demonstration Project – Before Starting Draw a picture of your … Continue reading


CH22 – The Demo

Dates P1 – Monday, October 24th P3 – Monday, October 24th P5 – Tuesday, October 25th New Idea – Demonstration Project Review Handout (GDrive) Group formation Initial Idea Note: due … Continue reading


Two Chemistry Demonstrations – Boom

Here are two (standard, but still awesome) chemistry demonstrations filmed at SHP this past weekend. The first one shows a student adding Mentos to Diet Coke and watching the result. … Continue reading