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Two Chemistry Demonstrations – Boom

Here are two (standard, but still awesome) chemistry demonstrations filmed at SHP this past weekend. The first one shows a student adding Mentos to Diet Coke and watching the result. The student in question added almost a whole roll at one time and the explosion was much bigger than earlier when he added just two pieces. Exploding, syrupy beverages hold a mystical appeal.

The second video shows the addition of solid sodium to water. As you can see, the bottom front side of the container was blown out, causing the solution to leak out of the container. It was definitely a good idea to do this behind the glass of the fume hood. The piece of metal was the largest I have used inside of a building and I paid the price by needing a good 30 minutes of cleanup afterwards. It was worth it.

Nobody was harmed in the making of these videos but hopefully some were inspired to go out and do fun sciency things.


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