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CP47 – Boyle’s Law Lab

Date Wednesday, May 17th Lab Day! Instructions posted in shared folder (Boyle’s Law) Utilizes Vernier software and equipment Students should make sure they are ready to use the program as … Continue reading


CP05 – Data Collection

Date Friday, January 20th Recap – Sig Fig Math examples “tricks” that are difficult? homework questions? New Material – Logger Pro Ensure that Logger Pro is working on your computer Download … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 38

Dates Period F: Tuesday, March 5th Period A: Wednesday, March 6th Period B: Wednesday, March 6th Lab – Titration Using Digital Methods NO SCREEN SHOTS AT ALL pH probe must … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 25 & 26

Dates Period B: Monday, March 2nd, Wednesday, March 4th Period D: Tuesday, March 3rd, Wednesday, March 4th Period G: Tuesday, March 3rd, Thursday, March 5th Activity – Titration Lab Purpose: … Continue reading