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CH23 – Reaction Work

Dates P4 – Wednesday, October 18th P5 – Wednesday, October 18th P7 – Wednesday, October 18th Quiz Double Displacement Reactions two scenarios provided: PT, solubility rules Class Business Comments / … Continue reading


CH19 – RXN Types

Dates P4 – Friday, October 6th P5 – Tuesday, October 10th P7 – Tuesday, October 10th Recap Questions what is a crystal lattice? how does an ionic substance dissolve? why … Continue reading


CP14 – RXN Types

Date Monday, September 25th (long block) Class Business test moved from Thursday to Monday more info soon Units 1-2-3 (see the Syllabus) on test specifics Added vocabulary to the Syllabus … Continue reading


CH19 – Reactionary

Dates P1 – Thursday, October 13th P3 – Thursday, October 13th P5 – Wednesday, October 13th Homework Recap share HW results comments on the process? New Material – Predicting Reactions … Continue reading


CP13 – Debrief

Date Wednesday, September 28th Recap Lab Reaction writing predicting reactions THEN balancing you will submit LNB at thebeginning of the exam Exam Objectives = Major Skills Developed and Assessed Predict the charge … Continue reading


CP12 – Reactions Lab

Date Monday, Septembert 26th Safety Location of safety equipment in the room Lab clothing Disposal of materials for lab Pre-Lab walk through location of materials walk through the lab steps … Continue reading