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CP04 – Our Friend

Date Friday, September 1st Class Business I am reorganizing the sequence of topics full revision completed by the end of the weekend New Idea – Periodic Table New docs in … Continue reading


CP05 – Particles

Date: Wednesday, September 7th Class Business check in shared folder naming shared documents questions about grades? questions about LNB homework? Atomic Particles information on the PT protons / neutrons / … Continue reading


CP04 – Periodic Table

Date: Tuesday, September 5th Class Business hand out LNB basic guidelines (see page) grading (see page) Shared Folder items: class number-item title ex: 04-bestfriend what about group work? (both place … Continue reading


The Elements Song

From Wikipedia: “The Elements” is a song by musical humorist and lecturer Tom Lehrer, which recites the names of all the chemical elements known at the time of writing, up … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 10

Dates Period B: Friday, September 12th Periods D, G: Monday, September 15th Recap Modeling Activity takeways? unexpected observations? how close was your model? Game Time iPad game = QRC elements … Continue reading