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CP04 – Periodic Table



  • Tuesday, September 5th

Class Business

  • hand out LNB
  • basic guidelines (see page)
  • grading (see page)

Shared Folder

  • items: class number-item title
  • ex: 04-bestfriend
  • what about group work? (both place itme in own folder)

New Material – The Periodic Table

  • check out the BEST PERIODIC TABLE EVER! [LINK]
  • why use any other?

Activity – My Best Friend!

  • what information is shown in the PT box for each?
  • what are the rules for writing symbols?
  • what patterns exists with the numbers?
  • what do the colors mean?
  • what does the temp slider do?
  • identify three trends on the properties tab
  • what does the isotopes tab show?
  • what can you tell from the “compounds” tab?


  • collect your answers on a Google doc (shared with me)
  • (if time) extra thoughts? surprises?


  • finish PT activity
  • brief notes on LNB guidelines (in the LNB)


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