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CP16 – Formulas and Masses

Date Monday, February 12th Class Business Questions? Collect LNB Recap Last Class – Percent Composition given formulas asked for a mass breakdown assume 1 mole of the substance process new … Continue reading


CP15 – Friday Fun

Date Friday, February 9th Lab Calcs Review what did you find? how did you show it? what does it mean? Lab Analysis factor that introduced uncertainty how did it impact … Continue reading


CH13 – Practice

Dates P4 – Wednesday, February 7th P5 – Wednesday, Febraury 7th P7 – Thursday, February 8th Homework Review Ch. 3 (79, 83, 84) Questions? Extending Idea – Molecular Formula How do … Continue reading


CH12 – Back and Forth

Date P4 – Tuesday, February 6th P5 – Tuesday, February 6th P7 – Tuesday, February 6th New Idea – Percent Composition (formula to mass) Assume 1 mole sample Moles –> … Continue reading


CH11 – Percent Composition

Dates P4 – Friday, February 2nd P5 – Monday, February 5th P7 – Monday, February 5th Lab Recap lab calculations format? see posted examples extending – how can you explain … Continue reading


CP14 – Hydrate Mania!

Date Friday, February 10th Recap percent composition examples what is a hydrate? Lab Prep Lab equipment overview Lab Instructons [LINK] Homework Prep the lab in the LNB Review instructions for … Continue reading


CH14 – Test Prep

Dates P1 – Friday, Febraury 10th P3 – Monday, February 13th P5 – Monday, February 13th Class Business hydrate lab work (in LNB) due Class 16 CQ will check completion … Continue reading


CP13 – Empirical Formulas

Date Thursday, February 9th Recap – Percent Composition homework questions? how do we show work? New Idea – Empirical Formulas how do we go from mass percent to formulas? what … Continue reading


CH11 – The GOAT

Dates P1 – Monday, February 6th P3 – Monday, February 6th P5 – Tuesday, February 7th Recap – Where have we been? percent composition empirical formula practice problems Lab Preparation … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 07

Date Tuesday, September 8th Class Business return LNB commentary on the lab reports questions? Homework Review Textbook Problems Ch. 3 (19, 20, 23af, 36, 46, 66, 78) How do I show … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 06

Dates Thursday, September 3rd Stoichiometry Review reaction stoichiometry limiting reactants yield In-Class Work Practice so, what do these problems look like? Homework Textbook Problems Ch. 3 (19, 20, 23af, 36, 46, … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 05

Dates Wednesday, September 2nd Class Business turn in LNB questions about the lab Note – see the “Grades” post linked from the blog if you have questions Stoichiometry Review balancing reactions … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 28

Dates Periods B, D: Thursday, October 23rd Period G: Friday, October 24th Mole Day Voting! Use the QR Code posted in the room or click this link Stoichiometry (Continued) Percent … Continue reading