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CH13 – Practice



  • P4 – Wednesday, February 7th
  • P5 – Wednesday, Febraury 7th
  • P7 – Thursday, February 8th

Homework Review

  • Ch. 3 (79, 83, 84)
  • Questions?

Extending Idea – Molecular Formula

  • How do I determine the true formula knowing the EF?
  • Easy, easy, easy
  • A compound containing only sulfur and nitrogen is 69.6% S by mass; the molar mass is 184 g/mol. What are the empirical and molecular formulas of the compound?

Test Review

  • Pull up the objectives for Units 7 & 8
  • Write down a single thought about each item
  • Where are we missing information?


  • Look, there is a test on Monday and I know you all are busy. I have decided to give you a work day during the next class to prepare for the test. Please look at the suggested practice problems and focus on the areas you need most.
  • I will start the next class with more specific test information.


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