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CP43 – Party On!

Date Wednesday, May 2nd Test Day! time to celebrate your success on this unit! questions are drawn from the worksheets in class all equations and constants provided Test Questions enthalpy … Continue reading


CH36 – Conservation

Date Tuesday, April 17th Review Homework system <–> surroudings path-dependent <–> state function exothermic <–> endothermic law of conservation of energy first law of thermodynamics work (when a gas expands = works) … Continue reading


CH35 – Thermo

Date P4 – Monday, April 16th P5 – Monday, April 16th P7 – Monday, April 16th New Idea – Energy warm-up activity types of energy phases <–> energy heat – … Continue reading


CH38 – Enthalpy

Dates P1 – Wednesday, April 26th P3 – Thursday, April 27th P5 – Wednesday, April 26th Lab Recap What measurements were made? What is being determined? What are the givens? … Continue reading


CP35 – Energy

Date Wednesday, April 19th Basics energy thermodynamics / thermochemistry The Big Three Heat / Thermal Energy / Temperature What is a thermometer? [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] Types of Energy & Formulas … Continue reading


CH35 – Thermodynamics

Dates P1 – Thursday, April 20th P3 – Wednesday, April 19th P5 – Tuesday, April 18th Basics energy thermodynamics The Big Three Heat / Thermal Energy / Temperature What is … Continue reading


CP34 – QFT

Dates Monday, April 17th Class Business Recap previous week Other questions New Idea – QFT question technique guideline for approach ownership of the next unit of study Homework Ch. 13.4 … Continue reading


CH34 – QFT

Dates P1 – Tuesday, April 18th P3 – Monday, April 17th P5 – Monday, April 17th Class Business Return LNB and other class work Recap previous week Other questions New … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 44

Dates Period F: Tuesday, April 19th Period A: Tuesday, April 19th Period B: Tuesday, April 19th Quiz – Energy Vocabulary 4 questions ask about basic concepts from the reading vocabulary apply … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 42 & 43

Dates Period B: Wednesday, November 19th and Friday, November 21st (LAB) Period D: Thursday, November 20th and Friday, November 21st (LAB) Period G: Thursday, November 20th and Monday, November 24th … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 18

Date Tuesday, September 30th New Material – Thermodynamics Energy is conserved! Whole new world of terms and symbols?


Simple Machines

Lately I am answering a great many questions regarding the implementation of simple  machines in the Rube Goldberg Project. There are a great many resources on the Internet to supplement the discussions … Continue reading


Physics Honors – Lab 09 – Conservation of Momentum

Purpose The purpose of this lab is to verify the conservation of momentum when two carts collide Procedure the procedure is outlined in the handout from class Additional Considerations Is … Continue reading


Physics Honors – Lab 08 – Conservation of Energy

Purpose The purpose of this lab is to verify the conservation of energy of a cart rolling down a track Procedure each student group is asked to write a procedure … Continue reading