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CH5152 – Review

Dates Wednesday, May 23rd Thursday, May 24th Friday, May 25th Class Business Exam return? Homework return Questions? Final Exam (Wednesday, May 30th @ 1:00 pm) Classes 51/52 for student review (not … Continue reading


CP43 – Last Review

Date Monday, December 11th Finals Review Stuff Homework Study for the final See you Friday @ 9:00 am


CHCP3940 – Review

Dates Friday, December 9th Monday, December 12th Tuesday, September 13th Class Business Course Survey (please complete during class) [LINK] Need Quinton support? Post to the Schoology group Honors Schoology Group … Continue reading


CH24 – Exam Prep

Dates P1 – Friday, October 28th P3 – Friday, October 28th P5 – Monday, October 31st (Boo!) Demonstration Project “Collect” demonstration prep HW answer questions about project further requirements to … Continue reading


CP24 – Spectrum Lines

Date Monday, October 31st New Material – Spectrum Lines Given the energy levels of an electron, can you determine the number of lines produced by the atom? Simple example… possible … Continue reading