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Chemistry Honors – Classes 30 / 31

Dates Monday, October 27 – Thursday, October 30 Exam – Chapter 3 Periods B, D: Wednesday, October, 29th Period G: Thursday, October 30th Exam Preparation Review posted study guide (Schoology) … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 14/15/16

Dates Monday, September 22nd – Thursday, September 25th Test Prep / Test / Test Review test on textbook Chapters 3/4 objectives posted in Schoology 5 questions – all are “work-em-out” … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 15/16

Dates Period B: Tuesday, September 23rd Periods D, G: Wednesday, September 24th Test Review review the test objectives posted on Schoology make a checklist of what you know and need … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 07

Dates Periods B, D: Monday, September 8th Period G: Tuesday, September 9th Exam Day – Test 1: Chapter 1 keep breathing – it will be OK!


AP Chemistry – Class 02

Date Wednesday, August 28th Summer Exam exam covering the material assigned over the summer break first 30 minutes of the class period review exam after completion New(ish) Material writing and … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Exam Thoughts – Class 38

Question 1 – Calorimetry What is the experimental basis for calorimetry? How do I determine the change in enthalpy of a process? What are the key concepts associated with calorimetry? … Continue reading