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CP01 – Happy New Year!

Dates Wednesday, January 11th Class Business Semester 2 = 50 class meetings (10 long) Focus is quantitative = bring calculator to class every day <phone / laptop not acceptable> Bring … Continue reading


CP14 – Exam 01

Date Thursday, September 29th Exam 01 Unit Objectives No M/C, No Essay Fill-in Blank / Short Answer Value = 80 pts Questions Asked Isotope chart Writing Chemical Formulas Writing Chemical … Continue reading


CH13 – Exam 1

Dates P1 – Tuesday, September 27th P3 – Tuesday, September 27th P5 – Wednesday, Septemebr 28th Exam Structure no multiple choice (boooo!) no essay (yeahh!) short-answer questions (uhhh….) NOTE: no … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 31

Date Tuesday, March 15th Exam: Acid-Base Two Questions AP-Style free response you may use your own woobie I will collect chapter HW before the exam Homework No Homework


AP Chemistry: Class 24

Date Tuesday, March 1st Exam Return Exam Scoring Guide Published Common Mistakes Proving your answer Questions? Commentary? New Material: Acids / Bases Lecture Presentation Applying the math Meaning of Acids … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 23

Date Monday, February 29th Exam: Kinetics and Equilibrium Two questions (one each topic) AP style questions 40 minutes to complete test Homework No Homework


Chemistry Honors – Class 27

Dates Period A: Tuesday, October 20th Period B: Tuesday, October 20th Period F: Wednesday, October 21st Precipitation Reactions Double Displacement pattern Full Molecular Full Ionic Net Ionic Solubility Rules (Table 4.1 … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 26

Dates Period A: Monday, October 19th Period B: Monday, October 19th Period F: Tuesday, October 20th Balancing Chemical Reations Practice More (Ch. 3 #100) Quiz next class New Material – … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 25

Dates Period A: Thursday, October 15th Period B: Thursday, October 15th Period F: Friday, October 16th Balancing Chemical Reations Examples Practice Ch. 3 (96, 100, 101) Note – write a … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 24

Dates Period A: Friday, October 9th Period B: Friday, October 9th Period F: Thursday, October 15th New Material – Chemical Reations Mass Balance Subscripts / Superscripts Examples Balancing Practice Homework … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 22 / Class 23

Dates (Each Class Period = 2 Days) Period A: Tuesday, October 6th & Wednesday, October 7th Period B: Tuesday, October 6th & Thursday, October 8th Period F: Wednesday, October 7th & … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 12

Date Thursday, September 17th Exam 02 unit objectives posted in Schoology folder test will take one hour provided with AP Periodic Table and AP Formulas (copies in Schoology) must use … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 11 & Class 12

Dates Period A: Tuesday (9/15), Wednesday (9/16) Period B: Tuesday (9/15), Wednesday (9/16) Period F: Wednesday (9/16), Thursday (9/17) Note: first of the two days will be in-class independent (student-driven) review work … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 01

Date Tuesday, August 25th Exam Exam over the summer material refer to the objectives below use only classroom calculators six (6) work-em-out questions (multiple parts) Test Objectives calculate numbers using … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 11 & 12

Dates Period B: Tuesday, January 27th / Wednesday, January 28th Period D: Tuesday, January 27th / Thursday, January 29th Period G: Wednesday, January 28th / Thursday, January 29th Exam: Gases – … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 47 / 48

Dates Period B: Wednesday, December 3rd & Friday, December 5th Period D: Thursday, December 4th & Friday, December 5th Period G: Thursday, December 4th & Monday, December 8th Exam Details … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 40 & 41

Dates Period B: Friday, November 14th and Tuesday, November 18th Period D: Monday, November 17th and Tuesday, November 18th Period G: Monday, November 17th and Wednesday November 19th Exam: Chapter … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 30 / 31

Dates Tuesday, October 28, Wednesday, October 29 Exam Wednesday, October 29th 3 problems – work-’em-out non-graphing scientific calculator exactly like the practice exam (posted Schoology) PV Graph & First Law … Continue reading