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CP46 – Gas Laws

Date Thursday, May 10th Class Business gas lab will be Monday (Class 48) Recap – Pressure converting pressure units questions? New Idea – Ideal Gas Law PV = nRT parts … Continue reading


CP46 – Stoichiometry

Date Tuesday, May 16th Recap – Ideal Gas Law HW Questions Variations of IGL? New Idea – Stoichiometry & Gases Balanced Reactions Gaaseous phases in reactions Add IGL to any … Continue reading


CH46 – Reactions & Gases

Dates P1 – Tuesday, May 16th P3 – Wednesday, May 17th P5 – Tuesday, May 16th Recap – Ideal Gas Law HW Questions Variations of IGL? New Idea – Stoichiometry … Continue reading


CP45 – Ideal Gases

Date Monday, May 15th Class Recap Homework Review Examples Process? Units! New Idea – Moles & Gases Ideal Gas Law Equation and Units Example Homework See overview post


CH45 – Ideal Gas Law

Dates P1 – Monday, May 15th P3 – Monday, May 15th P5 – Friday, May 12th Class Business return Exam Scaled to 60 points Review Key Questions Tue May 23rd … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 58

Dates Period A: Wednesday, May 18th Period B: Wednesday, May 18th Period F: Thursday, May 19th Note: Period F = Formal Dress Day, Mater Schedule Lab Day – Molar Volume … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 56

Dates Period A: Friday, May 13th Period B: Friday, May 13th (Guest Teacher) Period F: Monday, May 18th Combined Gas Law Homework Review (on board) Process? Units? Questions? Moles and … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 45

  Date Monday, November 30th Exam Return a word about AP scoring a word about burden of proof a word about score translation New Material KMT Overview of major points … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 41

Date Tuesday, November 17th Chapter 10 Practice 57 – 62 at least 1/2 page per question write down given information – draw picture solve showing complete units Homework Finish assigned textbook problems


AP Chemistry – Class 40

Date Monday, November 16th New Material – Gas Laws micro v macro properties of gases laws that translate and predict PV = nRT Dalton’s Law partial pressure KMT Teacher Input – … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 06 & 07

Dates Period B: Thursday, January 15th, Friday, January 16th Period D: Thursday, January 15th, Tuesday, January 20th Period G: Friday, January 16th, Tuesday, January 20th Gas Stoichiometry and Partial Pressures … Continue reading