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Chemistry Honors: Class 58



  • Period A: Wednesday, May 18th
  • Period B: Wednesday, May 18th
  • Period F: Thursday, May 19th
  • Note: Period F = Formal Dress Day, Mater Schedule

Lab Day – Molar Volume of a Gas

Notes to Consider

  • Air Pressure on Wednesday (Periods A & B) = 30.01″ Hg
  • Air Pressure on Thursday (Period F) = 29.95 “Hg
  • vapor pressure of water calculator = LINK
  • Magnesium = use less than 3.0 cm in length
  • Magnesium = measure mass using scientific balance
  • 6M HCl = use small beaker to transfer
  • Spilled acid = NaHCO3 to neutralize
  • water = OK to use tap water
  • you will need lots of towels


  • Lab Calculations in LNB
  • No Quiz next class period

Some Pictures to Help You Along


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