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CH15 – Practice, Practice

Dates P4 – Friday, September 29th P5 – Friday, September 29th P7 – Friday, September 29th Recap Questions what is the difference between valence, oxidation state, charge? what is the … Continue reading


CP09 – More Naming

Date Thursday, September 14th Quiz – Nomenclature student given 10 formulas quiz asks for the names of the formulas only ionic substances on the quiz polyatomic ion names and charges … Continue reading


CP08 – Naming Mania!

Date Monday, September 11th Long Block (after lunch) Quiz Yahoo! Our first quiz! Q provides element name Student writes symbol and valence or valences Provided with PT only Quick – … Continue reading


CP08 – Nomenclature

Date: Thursday, September 15th Class Business – Quiz Parts 1 & 2 quiz 10 items write name, symbol, number(s) covers representative elements & transitions New Material – Nomenclature rationale – … Continue reading