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CH31 – Water

Dates P1 – Monday, April 3rd P3 – Monday, April 3rd P5 – Friday, March 31st Recap Calculate stuff based on last class Different ways? Showing units? Process? Meaning? Extending … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 34 & 35

Dates Monday, March 21st Tuesday, March 22nd Finish Study of Equilibrium Review Ksp problems Homework due Tuesday Two extra problems in folder for extra Quiz Tuesday ONE AP problem Ksp … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 31

Date Tuesday, March 15th Exam: Acid-Base Two Questions AP-Style free response you may use your own woobie I will collect chapter HW before the exam Homework No Homework


AP Chemistry: Classes 27-30

Class 27 (Monday) Acid-Base Equilibria practice Complete provided problems Class 28 (Wednesday) Review homework Problems Note: problems will be checked in and returned to students for use Questions about assigned … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 26

Date Friday, March 4th Acid-Base Equilibrium Problems Thoughts Titration one-way before EQ Ka x Kb = Kw pH + POH = 14 pH = pKa + log[A-]/[HA] Homework Finish AP … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 25

Date Wednesday, March 2nd Class Meeting discussion of ground rules for course goals for the course respecting others respecting pursuit of content Goal 2? Goal 4? Goal 5? Mr. Quinton … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 24

Date Tuesday, March 1st Exam Return Exam Scoring Guide Published Common Mistakes Proving your answer Questions? Commentary? New Material: Acids / Bases Lecture Presentation Applying the math Meaning of Acids … Continue reading