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AP Chemistry: Classes 27-30

Class 27 (Monday)

  • Acid-Base Equilibria practice
  • Complete provided problems

Class 28 (Wednesday)

  • Review homework Problems
  • Note: problems will be checked in and returned to students for use
  • Questions about assigned work
  • Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation: what’s up with that?

Class 29 (Thursday)

  • Work on HW Problems
  • Test scheduled for Tuesday
  • Note: I am so sorry to have to move the test to next week. Truly I hate to do that but I was worried about the class’s readiness for the exam. I don’t take any of this lightly and I do value and respect your time. I look forward to answering your questions when I return.
  • Note: I added THREE more practice AP Problems for you to try in order to prepare for the test. They are not required for HW.

Class 30 (Friday)

  • Meet in the classroom
  • Help Letteer with Space Day (younger students)


  • Complete AP Problems
  • Test on Tuesday, March 15th (2 AP Problems)



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