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CH25 – Test Prep

Date Wednesday, March 14th Homework Questions about the homework? What is the process for approaching? Test Details Syllabus = Unit 9 (lots of cool stuff!) 55 minutes work-em-out questions provided … Continue reading


CP25 – Regroup

Date Wednesday, March 14th Test Prep answer homework questions how do I approach problem-solving? Test Details Topic = Unit 9 work-em-out questions provided: periodic table, polyatomic ions Value = 50 … Continue reading


CP12 – mole mole mole

Date Monday, February 5th Homework Review Ch. 7 PAIRED (8, 12) How did we show our work? Where did we stumble? Moving Ahead The mole map – the other side! … Continue reading


CP10 – The MOLE

Date Tuesday, January 30th Quiz recap answer sig figs and units process Counting by Weighing determine the mass (30 particles) determine the mass per particle determine the number of particles … Continue reading