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CP10 – The MOLE



  • Tuesday, January 30th


  • recap answer
  • sig figs and units process

Counting by Weighing

  • determine the mass (30 particles)
  • determine the mass per particle
  • determine the number of particles in sample by mass
  • count the total number of particles

New Idea – The Mole

  • words as numbers
  • magic translator number
  • mass of one mole = periodic table number in grams

How big is a mole?

  • If I start with a mole of dollar bills and spend a million dollars every second, how long would it take for the money to run out (years)? Note: this is a dollars-to-years conversion using dimensional analysis (units!)

New Idea – Mole Math

  • particles <–> moles
  • mass <–> moles
  • particles <–> mass


  • Ch. 7 PAIRED (1)





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