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CP17 – Booyah!

Date Thursday, February 15th Test Overview 55 minutes 6 questions (work-em-out style) No multiple choice or short answer students provide appropriate calculator work in pencil only (so you can erase … Continue reading


CH43 – Final Review

Date Tuesday, December 12th Thoughts on the IMF Unit non-polar molecule vs ion adding up dipoles is not math addition (really) how much size makes a difference for LDF? CER … Continue reading


CP16 – Vacation Time!

Date Friday, February 17th Test Day See Class 15 for test details Reminder: focus on process and showing support Know that you are prepared… Tests are celebrations of knowledge = … Continue reading


CH15 – Celebrate!

Dates P1 – Monday, February 13th P3 – Wednesday, February 15th P5 – Thursday, February 16th Long Block Part 1 – Review Answer HW questions (individually) Teacher answers student questions about … Continue reading


CP25 – Party Time!

Party Date Tuesday, November 1st Party-Time Questions Q1 – Scientist Identification Q2 – Treu / False Questions (atomic theory) Q3 – Line Spectrum determination Q4 – Electron Configurations & Orbital Diagrams … Continue reading