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CP17 – Booyah!


Penguinone C10H14O


  • Thursday, February 15th

Test Overview

  • 55 minutes
  • 6 questions (work-em-out style)
  • No multiple choice or short answer
  • students provide appropriate calculator
  • work in pencil only (so you can erase if needed)
  • sig figs and units important
  • all conversions are provided (including prefixes)
  • mole map is provided
  • any polyatomic ion names necessary are provided
  • scientific notation is expected on some answers
  • yes, memorize the mole map (including connections)
  • test is worth 70 points


  • Sig Fig calculation w/ scientific notation (can’t just enter in calc)
  • Dimensional analysis with complex unitz and density
  • Mole map – single substance
  • Mole map – two substances (also have to write formula from name)
  • Mass percent composition (given a formula)
  • Empirical and molecular formula


  • No Homework – BREAK!


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