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AP Chemistry – Class 05

Date Thursday, January 14th Test Day 25 Questions Only Multiple Choice use a Scantron Terms / Ideas from Chapter 11 Allowed whole period to complete Homework You have worked on … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 04

Date Wednesday, January 13th Phase Diagrams phase changes show the relationship between states and P-V unique for every substance relationship to heating-cooling curves energy changes v temperature changes examples Ch. … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 03

Date Tuesday, January 12th Homework review the assigned problems ensure that the answers connect with major ideas collect work Phase Change – Key Ideas Evaporation (KE of Particles) Vapor Pressure … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 10

Dates Monday, January 26th Review AP Problems yup – any questions? turn them in New Idea – Phase Diagrams Compare these two images How are they related? How do I … Continue reading