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AP Chemistry – Class 34

Date Tuesday, November 4th Review Homework assigning quantum numbers translated meaning for orbitals recap of rules for numbers New Material – Electron Configurations using the periodic table as your “friend” … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 33

Date Monday, November 3rd Spectrum Assignment Takeaways? Patterns? Visible vs non-visible lines? Hydrogen spectrum only (BTW – PDF for notes in Dropbox) New Material – Quantum Numbers Quantum mechanics describes … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 32

Date Thursday, October 30th New Material – Quantum Mechanics Spectrum Lines – what do you see in the tubes? What is different about each tube? What explanation is offered for … Continue reading


Orbital Viewing Sites – Chemistry

There are many web-based options for trying to visualize atomic orbitals. These are links to a few of them that I recommend to help in learning about them Orbitron Curvature … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Lab 08 – Atomic Spectra

Purpose The goal of this lab is to examine the spectra of different elements and determine the identity of an unknown substance Procedure Notes using the spectrometer, record the spectrum … Continue reading