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CH5152 – Review

Dates Wednesday, May 23rd Thursday, May 24th Friday, May 25th Class Business Exam return? Homework return Questions? Final Exam (Wednesday, May 30th @ 1:00 pm) Classes 51/52 for student review (not … Continue reading


CH43 – Final Review

Date Tuesday, December 12th Thoughts on the IMF Unit non-polar molecule vs ion adding up dipoles is not math addition (really) how much size makes a difference for LDF? CER … Continue reading


CP29 – Study Period

Date Wednesday, Novemebr 1st Test Questions Q1 – CER & Atomic Theories Q2 – Emission Spectrum Q3 – Electron Configurations / Orbital Diagrams Q4 – Orbital Theory Objectives for the … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 15/16

Dates Period B: Tuesday, September 23rd Periods D, G: Wednesday, September 24th Test Review review the test objectives posted on Schoology make a checklist of what you know and need … Continue reading