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CP29 – Study Period



  • Wednesday, Novemebr 1st

Test Questions

  • Q1 – CER & Atomic Theories
  • Q2 – Emission Spectrum
  • Q3 – Electron Configurations / Orbital Diagrams
  • Q4 – Orbital Theory

Objectives for the Test

  • Compare the major atomic model theories: Thomson, Rutherford and Bohr
  • Explain the experimental basis for the Thomson, Rutherford, and Bohr models.
  • Explain the relationship between emission spectra and electron energy levels
  • Explain the differences between electrons located in different orbitals: orbital energy level, orbital shape, orbital orientation, electron spin
  • Draw the orbital diagram for an atom, or ion
  • Write the full electron configurations of an atom or ion.
  • Determine the electronic configurations of isoelectronic species
  • Explain the relationship between electron configurations and the periodic table
  • Predict the number of valence electrons of an element and its electron configuration based on its position in the periodic table.

Textbook Sections

  • 5.1 – Dalton’s Model of the Atom
  • 10.2 – The Bohr Atom
  • 10.3 – Energy Levels of Electrons
  • 10.4 – Atomic Structures of the First 18 Elements
  • 10.5 – Electron Structures and the Periodic Table


  • work in small groups
  • one page per problem
  • which objectives link?
  • what textbook sections connect?
  • what class examples connect?


  • Charlotte, Anna, Alexana, Paulina
  • Fifolu, Ally, Izzy
  • Alexa, Julia, Anya, Pari


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