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EDU4113 – Class 1

  • 1Welcome / Discussion of Objectives
    • Syllabus
    • Checklist
    • How to use course web site
    • How to contact me
  • Technical requirements of the course
    • Google Blogger account required
    • Use lab computer computer or bring your own laptop
    • NDNU login-password combination necessary
  • Creating Your Blog
    • Use your Google account to create a blog for this course
    • using the class blog as a medium of communication
    • could you use this in your classroom?
  • Practicing the posting process
    • Read the Conditions post on my blog
    • Post your thoughts on your new blog
    • guidelines for writing: spelling, grammar, elevated conversation, positive
    • NOTE: never copy and paste from MS Word (formatting goes nuts)
  • Getting to know you – gathering data
  • Your ideas – what do you want from the class?
  • Homework
    • Complete the “Blog” checklist item – notice the details described
    • Reflection: “Future of Now”
    • Write a reflection on your blog about your thoughts.
    • NOTE: Be sure and write the equivalent of one page of text

Google Forms – More Information


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