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EDU4113 – Class 2


  • Poll [PollEverywhere]
  • Recap of last week
  • Reflection Recap
    • Overall thoughts?
    • Reminder about the length of reflections

New Material

  • Document Sharing
    • New document using Google Docs (writing)
    • Invite the person next to you to collaborate
    • practice “real time” editing
    • Discussion of benefits – drawbacks
    • review of assignment details
  • Following Content on the Internet- RSS Feeds
    • why?
    • step-by-step
    • Practice
    • Be sure and post your thoughts about RSS on blog
  • Preview of Final Assignment
    • intent
    • details
    • questions


  • Reflection: “Social Networking in the Classroom”
  • Write a reflection on your blog about your thoughts.


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