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EDU4113 – A – Classroom Blog

Create a blog for use in your classroom

  • Using “Blogger,” create a blog that will host this course’s content
  • The name of your blog (not the URL) must contain your first name.
  • The blog should be directed towards parents or students as the goal of this blog to that it could actually be used for your teaching in some manner.
  • Create a blog posting that has your picture along with a description of your interests (Blog Post Title: “About Me”) You do not need your full name although your first name is required.
  • As formatting does not transfer well from other applications (Microsoft Word), your text should be copied in plain format before pasting into your blog.
  • Many help resources available
  • Make your first blog entry, commenting on your initial thoughts about creating a blog.
  • Be sure and enter your blog’s full URL in the appropriate location in the class survey form on the first day of class.

Submission – Blog Posts (as described above)

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