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EDU4113 – G – Surveys & Data Collection

Create a survey using SurveyMonkey to collect information Create an account on SurveyMonkey (if you do not already have one) Select the option to create a new survey. You will only have … Continue reading

2011-08-17 · 3 Comments

EDU4113 – F – YouTube Video

Post a video for your classroom use on your course blog Create a video (or use an existing one on YouTube) Upload to YouTube (or choose a content-appropriate video from … Continue reading


EDU4113 – E – RSS Feeds

Stay current with RSS feeds from your favorite sites Sign up for Google Reader Gather and sign up for 10 RSS feeds in areas that you interest you Add the … Continue reading


EDU4113 – C – Prezi Presentation

Prezi is a unique and powerful tool Visit the Prezi web site [LINK] Watch (and interact with) two (or more) sample Prezi presentations posted on the main page Create a … Continue reading

2011-04-14 · 2 Comments

EDU4113 – B – Microsoft Excel

Create a grade book spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Requirements for Grade Book: Three (3) student information columns (Last Name, First Name, Student ID) for at least 10 students (real or fictitious) … Continue reading


EDU4113 – D – Google Docs

Use Google Documents to collaborate with colleagues and students Upload a Microsoft Word document to Google Docs Note: the document should relate to your teaching Please do not create a … Continue reading


EDU4113 – A – Classroom Blog

Create a blog for use in your classroom Using “Blogger,” create a blog that will host this course’s content The name of your blog (not the URL) must contain your … Continue reading

2011-04-14 · 1 Comment

The Future of Now

The rate of change in the possibility of technology is almost unimaginable. Here are some videos for you to consider. Please watch the videos and write a reflection about your … Continue reading

2011-04-14 · 1 Comment

Social Networking and Privacy

Consider the use of social networking sites (such as Facebook) for use in educational settings. What are your thoughts on its potential effectiveness? What are the possible strengths and drawbacks … Continue reading

2011-04-14 · 1 Comment

Essential Conditions

Necessary Conditions to Effectively Leverage Technology for Learning Shared Vision – Proactive leadership in developing a shared vision for educational technology among all education stakeholders including teachers and support staff, school and district … Continue reading

2011-04-14 · 1 Comment