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Course Skills

SkillsThe following skills are necessary to be able to complete the course

  • linking within your blog
    • In the “edit” mode for your page, select the word you wish to serve as a link to another page
    • Click on the “hyperlink” button at the top of the editing window.
    • This will bring up a window that allows you to paste a URL for the page where you wish to link
    • In this location, paste the URL of the blog post (or other web page) to which you wish to link.
    • Clicking “OK” (or equivalent) will finish this task
  • embedding an object in your blog
    • To embed an object into your blog, you will need to create a post and start editing in the “HTML” mode.
    • Then you will need to retrieve the “enbed” code from the object you wish to show in your blog. This is found in different locations depending on what you wish to embed.
    • Once you obtain the code, simply copy that and paste this into the blog post you are creating. After saving the post, the blog post will show the object (i.e. embedded video) and not the code.
  • Linking between slides of your PowerPoint
    • Linking between PowerPoint slides makes using them much more functional, less linear.
    • To create a link, simply highlight the word you wish to serve as a link on a slide.
    • Then, “right click” the word you have selected and choose the “hyperlink” option.
    • After that, you can choose to link the word to another slide, a web page, or even a file on your computer.
  • controlling sharing in YouTube, Google Docs etc
    • when editing a document (Google Docs), click on the “Share” button in the upper right corner.
    • Take a look at the “Sharing settings” option, where you can add an individual person or change the overall permissions for viewing the document.
    • Change the permissions to be “Public” to enable the embedding feature.
    • Then in the “Share” menu, select the “Publish to the web” option, finding the “HTML to embed in a web page” code.
    • This feature will follow a similar pattern with other media, and all that you need to do is look for the “Share” feature.


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