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EDU4113 – Course Links

LinksCourse Tools & Ideas

  • Online Storage
    • Dropbox [LINK]
    • Windows SkyDrive [LINK]
  • Customizable Browsers you can use
  • Fun Stuff
    • Texting Poll [LINK]
    • Wordle Word Cloud [LINK]
    • Survey Money [LINK]
  • Embedding Documents
  • Grading Programs
  • URL Shortener
  • Online Document Collaboration
    • Google Docs [LINK]
    • Windows Live [LINK]


  • RSS Feeds [LINK]
  • Embed YouTube into PPT Windows [LINK]
  • Embed YouTube into PPT Mac or Windows [LINK]
  • Download YouTube to your Computer [LINK]
  • Excel Help [LINK]

Technology Assistance


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