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EDU4113 – Class 5

Number 5

Number 5

Welcome to the final class of the semester for EDU4113! Today we will celebrate the amazing work you have completed over the past five weeks. When you have completed all of the parts of your project, please notify the instructor so that he will mark your name as “completed” on the list. Once you are done, please read, review and evaluate the other students’ work on your list. The class is divided into sections so you will be required to read and evaluate only some of your colleague’s work. [Feel free to look at all of the projects.]


  • When you are finished reviewing and evaluating everyone’s work, please post your thoughts on your blog about this process: creating work digitally, publishing results and interacting online with the content of your subject. I will read the blog entries and verify that you have reviewed everyone’s work in a few days.
  • Also, BE SURE AND CHECK THE RESULTS OF YOUR SURVEY, by logging on to SurveyMonkey and looking at the results. Your final commentary must include a reflection of the feedback provided to you by others in the class.


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