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EDU4113 – B – Microsoft Excel

Create a grade book spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Requirements for Grade Book:

  • Three (3) student information columns (Last Name, First Name, Student ID) for at least 10 students (real or fictitious)
  • Two grade categories with three or more assignments in each category
  • Subtotals for each category – total points, percentages
  • Total grade for each student in the class
  • Average score for each assignment and category
  • Use of the functions: CONCATENATION, SUM, AVERAGE
  • Name your file using your first and last name with the word “gradebook” (i.e. colin-quinton-gradebook)
  • Then, upload the file to Google Docs and share the spreadsheet to make it public.
  • Create an entry in your blog about how a spreadsheet could be useful in your teaching as both a colleague and a teacher. Include a linked word to the posted gradebook. (do not embed – simply post the active link)
  • In addition, explain how this tool addresses the ISTE teaching standard: Model Digital-Age Work and Learning.
    • Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of an innovative professional in a global and digital society

Submission –  Blog Post  [Title of Blog Post: Excel Gradebook] with accompanying description


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