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Chemistry Honors Class 34 – Gravimetric Analysis Lab

Purpose The purpose of this lab is to determine the percentage of metal in a solid ionic salt Setup of Materials Clean and rinse the Gooch crucible / Buchner funnel with … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 21 / 22

Background Many salts that have been crystallized from a water solution appear to be perfectly dry, yet when heated they yield large quantities of water. The crystals change form, even … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 06 & 07

Date Period C: Friday, September 5th Lab Day – Let’s Get This Party Started! Dilutions  = mL Stock / mL Water (10/0, 9/1, 8/2, 7/3, 6/4, 5/5, 4/6, 3/7, 2/8, 1/9) … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 05

Date Period C: Thursday, September 4th Lab Questions What is the beginning question? How will I conduct the investigation? How will I stay safe? What observations and measurements did I make? … Continue reading


Lab Notebooks – LNB

You will be required to use a lab notebook throughout the remainder of this course, starting with the lab final for the Fall semester. This will serve as your lab … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 46

Lab: Ratio of Reactants in Solution Period E – Wednesday, December 4 Period F – Thursday, December 6 The lab is an example of the stoichiometry of a reaction in solution. … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 24

Dates Periods E/F – Friday, October 19th Lab What are gases? How do the particles of gas behave? What laws govern these gases? How do we predict the theoretical answer … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Boyle’s Law

One way to show a relationship between two variables is to find a way to plot a graph that provides a look at the data in linear fashion. In other … Continue reading

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AP Chemistry – Class 23

Dates Periods E/F – Thursday, October 18th Lab How do we prove Boyle’s Law? Students will collect appropriate data Homework Write up your results in your LNB Prove (or disprove) … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 19

Lab 3 – Acid/Base Titration (continued) Dates Periods E & F – Friday, October 5th Concepts So, now that you know how to run a titration lab, be prepared to … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 18

Lab 3 – Acid/Base Titration Dates Periods E & F – Thursday, October 4th Lab Hints You will be counting drops of solution as the X-axis and measuring pH on … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Titration Video Assistance

Pasco Titration Video Using a Buret Connecting Sensors Titrations


AP Chemistry – Class 17

Dates Periods E & F – Monday, October 1st Lab Prep Explanation of Titration Equipment Conditioning the Buret Data Collection & SparkVue Software Lab Planning How do you design a … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 16

Dates Period E – Thursday, September 27 Period F – Friday, September 28 Lab Debrief What did you find? Comments? New Material Concentration of solutions Mole map – ideas Examples … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 15

  Lab 3 – Precipitates Dates Periods E,F – Wednesday, September 25 Lab Notes Complete Lab during 1st half hour of lab Answer all lab questions in LNB Write full … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 14

Dates Periods E,F – Tuesday, September 24 Exam Overview Preview Chapter 4 Reaction Types [Handout] Lab [Instructions] Homework Prep Lab in LNB


AP Chemistry – Class 13

Exam 2 – Mole Relationships Dates Periods E,F Friday, September 21 Exam Overview 4 Questions Covering Chapters 1 – 3 Be mindful of units, process, sig figures Show all work … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 12

Dates Periods E,F Thursday, September 20 Class Work Review Ch. 3 (59, 108, 128, 155) Remember – PROCESS, PROCESS Homework Study for Exam