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White Elephant Gift Exchange

Robotics Crew

Robotics Crew

Today in class we exchanged White Elephant gifts. To add extra spice we added a “right-left” story aspect. Each wrapped gift was selected by a student and then a story was read (see below) that included an inordinate number of “RIGHT” and “LEFT” references. Each time the word was read aloud, the gifts were passed in the circle in the appropriate direction. I have rarely laughed so much during a class period. Thanks to my amazing and fun “B” period Robotics class for a perfect send off to the semester. Right Left Christmas Game Nativity Story (thanks Diva Girls Party)

Jacob - Redneck Doll

Jacob – Redneck Doll

John - Sharpener

John – Sharpener

Allie - Staples

Allie – Staples

Anthony - Lip Gloss Maker

Anthony – Lip Gloss Maker

Joe - Gangsta Coloring Book

Joe – Gangsta Coloring Book

Lukas - Power Rings

Lukas – Power Rings

Walker - Candle Holder

Walker – Candle Holder

Hayden - Toilet Paper

Hayden – Toilet Paper

Andrew - Snake Skin

Andrew – Snake Skin


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