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AP Chemistry – Class 61

Excel Rules!

Excel Rules!


  • Period E  -Tuesday, January 29th
  • Period F – Wednesday, January 30th

Big Idea: How does the shape of a molecule impact it’s physical properties?

Activity – Practice AP Problems

  • Documents folder (Lecture & Content)
  • Work out each on separate sheet of paper
  • 03-A-8, 05-B-8, 08-A-6
  • Due by next class

Lab Preview – Clausius-Clapeyron

  • goal – determine DHvap of water using equation
  • simple procedure & measurements
  • using simple “y = mx + b” format to determine the slope
  • all calculations due in class Friday
  • format typed lab report due Monday (use

Homework & Looking Ahead

  • Lab Prep in LNB
  • Download the game “Chem Mahjung” for your iPad


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