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AP Chemistry: Class 71



  • Period E: Monday, February 25th
  • Period F: Tuesday, February 26th

Final Exam – The Deal Explained

  • April 30 / May 1st
  • Extra time required on both days – 90 minutes each part
  • AP Exam 4 = Course “A-“
  • Deal nullified if any grade afterwards below 80%
  • AP 1, 2, 3 translated to standard final exam @15%

New Material Big Idea: What are the properties of an aqueous solution?

  • Chapter Vocabulary
  • How are these terms related?
boiling point elevation colligative properties freezing point depression
hydrophilic hydrophobic miscible
molality molarity osmotic pressure
percent by mass saturated supersaturated
van’t Hoff factor volatile ΔT = Km


  • Ch. 12 Notes
  • Finish Solubility Lab Work in LNB (be sure and follow lab reporting guidelines)


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